Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Flash Video Progress Bar

Progress Bar Dragging only works currently with Flash Media Server
see below:

Lyndon Fasanya - [08/Aug/07 11:40 AM ]
I had a look at this issue and to get the playhead to be manipulated manually requires a different set up from the one we have.

We can only do this in Flash if the video is actually streaming from a Flash Media Server (aka Flash Communication Server);

This is what happens on sites like you tube.

Because the videos aren't deployed from this server the playhead can' t be moved - a limitation of Flash.

Lyndon Fasanya - [08/Aug/07 11:43 AM ]
Check out this link for verification of this - to set the play action at a certain time can only occur with the server aforementioned

Monday, 9 July 2007


I'm currently developing a suite of user configurable educational mathematical tools for a leading schools publisher.
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Flash and Flex

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