Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Projects at MRM

I've worked on several projects at MRM Worldwide ( Here are some of the more significant ones...

0 (Homepage/login)
1 (top left)
2 (top right)
3 (bottom left)
4 (bottom right)

A True 3d Carousel for a Microsoft Page - used a pretty useful component for this one.

Another 3d Carousel for the newspaper and marketing association no component this time.

An app whose development is near completion is the Unilever - Walls Kids Fun
Or if you prefer in French!

Microsoft being a big client of ours has meant that I have been learning Silverlight the first app I worked on being a simple videoplayer. Except that compare to Flash it's not so simple this was done in the older version of Silverlight(1.0) That uses javascript!
The new version of Silverlight (used to be 1.1 now called 2.0) is out soon. This uses .net languages -and in particular the one I have done some work in - c sharp.

Imagine Cup 2007
This application was developed forMicrosoft as a facebook application it used the user profile pic and the friends pic in conjunction with a .swf and server side code to create and save an image of a friend or users face superimposed on a customisable robot. Unfortunately as it was part of a competition that has now closed its no longer available.

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