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Flash, Flex resources collected Shiquandabu

07月23rd, 2008 Posted in ActionScript3 , Collection , Flash , Flex3 , Lib , RIA , Tool July 23rd, 2008 Posted in ActionScript3 , Collection , Flash , Flex3 , Lib , RIA , Tool

断断续续收集了Flash、Flex相关的不少资源,但好多存着都没看,加上自己没太整理好,反而到想 找的时候找不到。 Intermittent collection of Flash, Flex-related resources, it has a lot of deposit with no view, coupled with his order not too good, but can not find the time to looking. 在此做个“十 全大补”,来个群英汇萃,一来方便自己,二来大家也可参考参考。 This to be a "Shiquandabu" to a Beat Festival, the one convenience, and second, you can refer to the reference. 这些资源均来自网上,感谢这些作者们。 These resources are from the Internet, for these authors. 不断更新中…… Constantly update ... ...

[毕竟是自己辛苦整理的,转载的话请注明出处: http://www. jexchen .com谢谢] [After all their hard order, and reproduced if the source is acknowledged: http://www. jexchen. COM Thank you]

APIs、Libs、Components APIs, Libs, Components

1、 as3ebaylib 1, as3ebaylib

2、 as3youtubelib 2, as3youtubelib

3、 as3flickrlib 3, as3flickrlib

4、 Yahoo ASTRA Flash Components 4, Yahoo ASTRA Flash Components

5、 facebook-as3 5, facebook-as3

6、 as3awss3lib 6, as3awss3lib

7、 Adobe ActionScript 3:resources:apis:libraries (官方,包括corelib、FlexUnit、Flickr、Mappr、RSS and Atom libraries、Odeo、YouTube) 7, Adobe ActionScript 3: resources: apis: libraries (government, including the corelib, FlexUnit, Flickr, Mappr, RSS and Atom libraries, Odeo, YouTube)

8、 Tweener用 于过渡与切换的一组动画库 8, Tweener for the transition and to switch a group of animation library

9、 uicomponents-as3一 组轻量级的AS3 UI组件库 9, uicomponents-as3 a lightweight AS3 UI component library

10、 as3ds AS3的数据结构实现 10, as3ds AS3 data structures to achieve

11、 mecheye-as3-libraries一 组主要用于Flash 游戏开发的AS3库 11, mecheye-as3-libraries of a major group of game development for Flash AS3 library

12、 XIFF一 套XMPP协议的AS3实现 12, XIFF AS3 implementation of a XMPP protocol

13、 FZip一 套AS3库,可用作对ZIP压缩文件的载入、修改与创建 13, FZip a AS3 library can be used as the load on the ZIP compressed files, modify and create

14、 FlexLib一 套开源的Flex界面组件库 14, FlexLib a set of open source Flex component library interface

15、 AnimatedGIfLoader Flex Component可载入GIF的Flex组件 15, AnimatedGIfLoader Flex Component can be loading GIF in Flex component

16、 goplayground一 套轻量级的,可用创建属于你自己的AS3 动画工具的库 16, goplayground a lightweight, can be used to create your own AS3 animation tools library

17、 AlivePDF开 源的用于PDF创建的AS3库 17, AlivePDF open source library for PDF creation in AS3

18、 jwopitz-lib一 组开源的Flex用户界面组件 18, jwopitz-lib a set of open source Flex user interface components

19、 as3crypto AS3实现的一套加密库,包括多种加密算法 19, as3crypto AS3 implementation of a cryptographic library, including a variety of encryption algorithms

20、 flare一 套强大的可视化交互的AS3类库 20, flare of a powerful visual interactive AS3 library

21、 SWFAddress一 小而强大的库,可以为Flash和Ajax提供深链接的功能 21, SWFAddress a small but powerful library for Flash and Ajax features to provide deep links

22、 SWFObject用 于嵌入Flash,Adobe官方也认可了 22, SWFObject to embed Flash, Adobe has officially recognized

23、 ulse Particle System一套开源的强大的AS3动态粒子系统 23, ulse Particle System a set of open source AS3 powerful dynamic particle system

24、 SpringGraph Flex Component 24, SpringGraph Flex Component

25、 GoASAP AS3动画库 25, GoASAP AS3 Animation Library

26、 asaplibrary一 套开源的Flash Actionscript3.0 RIA库 26, asaplibrary a set of open source Flash Actionscript3.0 RIA Library

27、 as3mathlib开 源Flex/Actionscript数学库 27, as3mathlib open source Flex / Actionscript Math Library

28、 as3corelib包 含一些基础功能AS3库 28, as3corelib AS3 library contains some basic functions

29、 minimalcomps一 组AS3 UI组件 29, minimalcomps a AS3 UI Components

30、 as3gif 30, as3gif

31、 queueloader-as3一 组AS3库,用来进行资源序列载入及监测 31, queueloader-as3 a AS3 library sequence used for loading and monitoring resources

32、 TweenMax (AS3) 32, TweenMax (AS3)

33、 Atellis Reflection Component一款Flex反射效果组件 33, Atellis Reflection Component effect of a reflection component Flex

34、 AS3Eval简 单来说,就是用AS3实现的AS3编译器 34, AS3Eval simply put, is realized with AS3 AS3 compiler

35、 ByteArray的 组件、库合集,包括liquid components、mousegesture、ASZip、GIF Player、GIF Animation Encoder、AlivePDF、Live JPEG Encoder、ScaleBitmap等 35, ByteArray component, library collection, including liquid components, mousegesture, ASZip, GIF Player, GIF Animation Encoder, AlivePDF, Live JPEG Encoder, ScaleBitmap etc.

36、 AS3C针 对AVM2虚拟机,用C#写的字节码编译器 36, AS3C for AVM2 virtual machine, using C # to write the byte-code compiler

37、 as3httpclientlib as3实现的http客户端 37, as3httpclientlib as3 http client implementation

38、 as3ui一 组常规的as3 ui界面库 38, as3ui a conventional as3 ui interface library


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