Thursday, 15 April 2010

Using Enterprise Architect to create a Class Model from an AS project.

1. Open EA the application.
2. From the app (if plugin in Eclipse select the Enterprise Architect option then ) Create a New Project.
3. Navigate to where you want your project to placed.
4. Your Project Browser perspective should be open and you'll see a tab called Model this is the project you've just created  a project is a collection models in EA. Select it.
5. Right Click on this and select 'Add a new model' using wizard.
6. Check the class model box. and Ok this, a class model icon will appear under the model icon in your project.
7. Right Click on the Class Model folder looking icon (not the blue one).
8. Mouse Over Code Engineering and select 'Import Source Directory'.
9. In the dialog box select ActionScript ensure file extension are .as and the options you prefer
10. Choose the Root Directory you want to generate a Class Model for.

11. To generate rtf documentation select the icon 4th from right on the toolbar with OR select F8 it looks like lines with ticks and crosses although there are two of them.

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